Friday, April 22

More Info

....than you ever wanted to know. But this is a TTC and pregnancy blog. More about that later.

So peeved--I already wrote this once, and it didn't post, the server froze. >:( oh well. I'll try to recreate my earlier brilliance! :~D

OH (gasp) MY (gasp) GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! According to the DH, this is apparently what I screamed last night. According to him, he hasn't gotten that kind of response from me ever, in 7+ years of togetherness. It was definitely good, its been a while (more on that later). But more importantly, oh so needed.

See, we're having our front porch redone. And the contractor is driving me nuts. More specifically the contractor and the DH. Miscommunication has been rampant--its like we're all speaking Chinese, and no one knows what the other is saying. And its taking forever. I'm seriously about to throttle someone. Last night it really came to a head.

So, I desperately needed a drink. But, you're not supposed to drink when TTC, not only to just be on the safe side, but how it actually affects fertility, etc. So, therefore, the big O was so totally deserved. I really needed it.

Here's the thing unfortunately. We're trying for the girl this cycle. But orgasms apparently help the boy sperm, which we're trying to avoid (helping boy sperm).

But oh well, it was so totally worth it.


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