Sunday, April 24


Duh. Just realized--Britney was trying to get pregnant. Evidenced by the return to her "natural" hair color. You can't (or it isn't advocated) dye your hair while pregnant--thus the root touch-ups to avoid the skunk-look (no, not punk) can't be done. No blonde = no touch-ups! Genius!

Yes, I needed to blog this at 4am. Even more important to wake up the DH and inform him of my amazing powers of deduction as well. He was thrilled. Really.

Had my first "non-alcoholic" beer tonight. I guess I could see it doing if you're really desperate. I think I'll allow myself one drink per month, then maybe I won't have to have that nasty a** crap. Somehow, even without alcohol, I still have the worst heartburn. Go figure.


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