Thursday, May 12

Some News

So, I wasn't going to say anything until the tests were run. But now, that's not happening, so I might as well start.

I went in to the Ob/Gyn last month, for my annual (6 mos late) and to say "hey, I want a baby". Of course, this always includes the ever-popular pap smear--really the whole purpose of the visit.

Well, apparently, my pap smear came back abnormal. I'm so so so freaked out--I've never had anything serious really wrong with me. Everything has always been mostly a figment of my imagination--now something could truly be wrong, so I'm completely freaked out. Really really freaked out. Something could really be wrong.

But, apparently, an abnormal result happens more often that I think, I guess. A friend of mine has had it happen more than once, my sister knows about how all this works and didn't seem worried, etc.

I really don't know much about what it means. Originally, they were going to run the sample again, verify the abnormal and check for HPV (genital herpes). Well apparently the lab didn't get the message, and now the sample is too old to run the test on. Instead of having me come in for a new pap, they're having me come in for the microscope thing--which would have been the next step anyway if the HPV had been positive. Apparently they may do biopsies while they're in there, if they find cells they'd like to bring in for questioning.

I'm freaking out. I have no idea what this all may mean. I need to do more research. And I'm completely embarassed if I have some STD--how totally completely embarassing. Gross.


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