Wednesday, May 4

THIS is hysterical....

daddytypes was reporting on reports on the viability of episiotomies. As his sources seem to mention, they're not recommended anymore, as I also read in Fearless Pregnancy (review coming soon). According to Fearless, once cut, the perineum actually has a higher tendency to tear, and further, all the way to the anus. Non-cut perineums don't tear as far. Like the cut gives it a headstart...

Hysterically, he included a link to an Episiotomy Suturing Simulator. Hilarious! Women have always wanted to be creative about how to tell their DHs the news--I'm thinking I might go this route!!! Though, I may go with the Right Mediolateral for effect. Heck, maybe I'll just break down and buy all three--I can use them w/the Grandparents!

PS--is our bung-hole really only that big? I swear it seems huge sometimes!!!


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