Sunday, April 24


I mean really--I'm kind of bummed--no comments??? :~( (sniff) I feel so, so....

Which makes me realize: I have already violated rule #1 in writing--consider your audience. I guess I've "considered" them. I think that I'm assuming in some deluded way that this will be a world-renowned blog. It will be referenced in Newsweek, anyone who is anyone will have it in their favorites. Better yet, the RSS feeds will be rampant.

Yeah, right. Let's be realistic. There are enough blogs out there to choke all the horses of Arabia (as the personal trainer says "Why would you want to feed a horse a blog?? And why would anyone want to choke a poor innocent horse? Jerks.")

So, the potential of anyone besides friends and family reading this???
-100% Yes, that's a negative sign.

So, I come back to considering my audience. I'll continue to write in the style I am--this is definitely not how I write in my "diary" or whatever journal I vaguely and randomly keep on scraps of paper scattered throughout piles around the house. However, I'll need to remember to behave myself--'nough said.


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