Tuesday, April 26

Book Reviews

Have read two pregnancy books so far, Knocked Up and Girlfriend's Guide. Yes, neither really very "meaty", but quite fun nonetheless. Having the DH read them now--they give a pretty accurate description at least of what the mind of a pregnant person is like. Oh boy is he in for a rough time! :)

Funny part of Knocked Up (besides that she was obviously reading Girlfriend's Guide while writing it)--she always refers to "down there". Where is she meaning--Australia? Apparently she has a hard time saying vagnia. Yes, Vagina. C'mon, everybody say it with me, ready? Vagina. See, not that hard. I mean, really, wasn't it just a few years ago we were all running around saying Vagina? As in Vagina Monologues?

So, as Girlfriend's Guide says--the pregnancy police are already out, and I'm not even pregnant yet!! Oh well. I'll do/believe/act/feel what works for me. (With my MDs guidance of course! :) )

Net/net--yes, liked the books--nice for a good diversion from everything that is sure to be very clinical and possibly overwhelming. Next on the list is Fearless Pregnancy. I'll tell you how it goes.


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