Thursday, May 12

Nothing Natural About This

Courtesy of Mothering Magazine--a flash movie about the home birth of Jude Rowan. Natural my heiney--no tubes, doctors, needles, drugs, sterile "home-like environment", etc. Egads. Absolutely nothing natural about that, in my mind! I'll be drugged up the minute the PG test is positive!

And those kids are watching! I think there's a reason we don't remember our own births, I for one continue to believe my own parents had NOTHING to do whatsoever with my own life on this earth, thank you. I mean, ewww. I did not come from "down there" on my mom, and they sure as hell didn't have sex! Those poor kids, they're scarred for life.

Home Birth Movie (Flash Required)

Update: sent this on to daddytypes, and it was his very next post!! Knew he'd like it! :)


Blogger soul78 said...

That is hysterical!!
I am the mom of Jude and, we are having another baby in a couple of months, we just got a lecture from our three year old for not waking him up for the birth of Jude..
Also My brother was at our last two births ( and he was there when I was born at home 27 years ago, I asked our six year old son if he would rather not be there this time and go to a friend home instead and he was mad at me for asking him.
It is so amazing to be at a birth, it is the ultimate thrill to see a life born.
-mother of Jude

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