Friday, May 20

LOVE Amalah!

A fabulously wonderful kindred spirit in pregnancy--and an amazing writer! Have loved everything, but was expecially cracking up over today's installation. An excerpt:

7:37: Feed pets. Max immediately begins slurping and inhaling his food
at an alarming rate, while Ceiba sits by her untouched bowl,
quietly observing the frenzy.

7:38: Max is done. And now he is sad. Ceiba takes her cue and starts
loudly and happily munching on her kibble, occasionally walking up to Max to
crunch in his face. Max, completely forgetting that he ever had food in the
first place, looks at me like, "Why? Why do you make my life so very

Somehow the pet thing hit me the funniest--only because I can totally see it. However 9:24 seemed to be the popular vote. Check it out at amalah dot com. Oh, and I love the whole footie sock thing--hilarious!


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