Wednesday, May 18


Wow. WOW. So, I called yesterday, asking for a consult with Dr. M for today, and was able to get the colpo moved to an associate MD for Thursday. But then they called me back, were able to rearrange some things and get me in for the colpo with Dr. M for today. Thank god.

So, I just got back from that. I'm so happy now I could cry (weeping seems to be a theme lately). It went perfectly. We talked ahead of time. She was willing to wait if I wanted. Apparently the results came back ACS-US, that they weren't able to rule out high-level displaysia, thus the colopo. When she went in though, she didn't see anything, there wasn't anything to biopsy. It all looked good. She did take a culture from up in my cervix slightly. But other than that, nothing. We can start trying, she doesn't think we should have to wait.

I'm so happy I could cry.

I'm so excited. So so so so excited. You should have seen how happy I was, how relieved I was. So freaking relieved. And I'm so excited!!!! I can't wait to have a baby!! I think that's what all this has really driven home, how important having a baby is to me, that much is obvious. And how lucky I am that I can have one, how special this is. I can't imagine having that taken away for whatever reason.

I'm so freaking excited.

I am getting a little cramping right now--took a few motrin, should be good here soon I hope.



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