Sunday, March 19

Get a Job

So, really, not much going on here at the ranch. Really--if my life were more interesting, I might actually post more. But it is not. It is very boring. Not much really to do around here but gestate anyway.

I am starting the process of looking for a job--I've been on a break from work--long story, maybe I'll outline it someday. But, its time to go back, so I've begun the search--I should be back working by beginning of April. Yay--maybe that will actually provide some excitement for this blog!

I do have a long list of things to do, that, now I'm thinking about it, need to get started before I start working again. Hmmm, definitely post fodder.

So, that's it. I continue to gestate. Oh, and got a facial the other day--was very nice, bought some fancy schmancy products that, knowing me, I will not have the consistency to use, and will revert to using Jergen's on everything. Oh well--so many fabulous body products, so little interest.

Edited to Add: thank you everyone for your comments, links, listing me, etc.! Totally appreciate it, and also, now realize others are watching, so must get this blog in shape! :)


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