Tuesday, July 19

The Results

So--I called the fertility clinic yesterday since I hadn't gotten results on Greg's "analysis" yet. They went ahead and read them over the phone to me--but will mail them as well.

Net/net is--he's normal. His concentration is very high (yay little swimmers! :) ), his motility (they can actually SWIM, in the right direction no less) is above normal, and his "morphology" (do they look like Hanford rejects?) is apparently "normal". That last one worries me a bit. He was above normal on everything else--but this one is right at normal. And Greg really hates underachieving.

And OMG--did I just blog all about tghe make up of Greg's sperm?!?!!?!?!? He's gonna kill me!!!

BUT--the whole point is, egads, it might be me. Now I'm worried. The tests are so much more difficult, involved, a pain in the ass--as well as the treatments should anything actually need to be done! Crap, crap! We have an appointment coming up with actual fertility doctors. I'm not sure what'll happen.

But maybe we'll get lucky. Maybe this is the month. Or maybe not, I don't know.

I got a strong positive surge test yesterday, and really strong this morning. But Greg's working today, dammit. I keep trying to get him to leave/get sick, but no go. I'm trying to think--we did it last night, and can do it again tomorrow morning when he gets home. And we did it last before that Sunday am. So, Sunday, Monday, Wed. That's a good start, right? And, I think we'll change it up--keeping doing it for a little while longer than normal. Arg, I really want it to work this time. B/c if it doesn't--I don't know, this is just getting a little wearing!!


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