Monday, June 20

Feel the sURGE

So, yes, unfortunately, last month was a bust. Is it seriously June 20th already? I can't freaking believe it, and I can't freaking believe I started this in April. Wow.

So, no worries, 'cause the DH and I are armed to the teeth this time around. We're armed and prepared for battle!

So, decided to pick up an OPK this time. That's Ovulation Predictor Kit for you normal, non-preconception-board-lurking, actual life-living people. And, yes, to answer all my wildest fantasies IT TOO is a POAS!!! (pee-on-a-stick, though you should know that from my previous posts, you non-reader you). Yipee! Who knew that, no matter what time of the month it is, there's a stick to pee on--yay!!!

So, I've been, hem, taking the test since Sat am. They're a little hard to read however. But it said, if the line is the same color or darker than the control line, you are a surgin'! So, even if I can barely see the control line--but the indicator line is the same color--I call that a game!

A quick primer--OPKs apparently detect your Lutinizing Hormone. The LH is what triggers ovulation, and it surges right before you ovulate. The package says, if you do the BD within 24-36 hours YOU WILL BECOME PREGNANT. Well, it doesn't say that exactly, but, that's what I'm interpreting it as. Who knew you could project onto an inanimate object?

So, as of this am, I am surging!!! Yay!! Ooh, and we also bought this special lubrication--apparently things like KY and Vaseline inhibit motility--don't need none o' that! So, had the DH stop and buy some PreSeed. Woohoo! Let the good times begin! (note--only b/c apparently, this "on demand" thing is actually getting a little tiring for him! Shock. Wah--welcome to MY world!)

And I thought I'd be done with Chem Lab in College. Sorely mistaken, I was.

Speaking of, egads, I must be off, it is the witching hour! Wish us luck! :)


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