Monday, June 20


So, I promised a review of Fearless Pregnancy. Very cute, but again, not real meaty. However, it got the job done. It really drove home that, hey, millions of people in the world, doing millions of different things, and yet, we're not a world full of crazies. (Actually, wait....) So, I actually do feel better.

Also wanted to review Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn, or as I like to call it How Dare you Poison Your Baby With Pain Meds, you WHIMP. It is really saying something that, I am doing this review without having even finished the book yet--seriously, I've actually read the entire Narnia series as a "break" from this book. Apparently, it is a little co-dependent, I needed a break and can't bring myself to go back.

Now, when I say meaty, this is meaty! My god its thick! And not physically--its truly a lot to read and take in! It goes extremely in-depth into the labor/childbirth portion, and is actually a really good resource for that--I swear at least 400 pages are devoted to labor/birth, the process, positions, etc. alone! But that's not what I'm interested in right now. In addition, this book makes you feel like ONLY WHIMPS must take drugs for childbirth. Written by people from the Childbirth Education Association of Seattle. Aha--there's the problem right there. I was reading something written by liberals. Sheesh!

I'll let you know if I actually finish it. So far, the only thing driving me to finish is getting to the part that talks about drugs. I know--only fools dream...


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