Monday, June 20

Read My Lips--No More New Projects

So, some of you may recall the strange affair of the Phantom of the....oh wait, wrong story.

HOWEVER, you might recall some of my earlier posts ranting about the porch, and how much of a royal PAIN it was! (More Info and Arg...) Well--long overdue here are pictures to prove IT IS DONE!!!!

Remodel 006

New Porch

Yipeee!!! We've had the party, (boy did we ever!) and celebrated privately (went to Met Grill--saw celebrities!). I'm so excited its finally DONE. Just wanted to post and share...since I knew all of you were wondering with baited breath!

The new edict is now "Read My Lips--No More New Projects" to which, I say pshaw. I know me better than that! :)


Blogger Laura said...

OMG!!!! You have the Best House Ever! Phenomenally better than the Mediocre House Ever, and hugely better than the Worst House Ever!!!

10:35 PM  

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