Wednesday, June 8

A Little Sad

Realized I haven't been on in a while. Amazing what happens when you actually have WORK that needs to be done! :) So, my biggest apologies--several posts to come for you.

Anyhoo, a little sad b/c AF is supposed to visit today. So, I took a PG test last Thursday, and got an extremely extremely faint positive. Seriously, really faint! I had to show my sister to make sure I wasn’t seeing things! And it was the second pee of the day. So, I thought, yay! I’ll double-check tomorrow w/the first pee, and it should be strong!

Well, no such luck. Nothing, nada. That was Friday am. I thought, well, maybe its too early. But ran it again sat and sun am as well—still nothing. And Sunday I double-dipped—I used two tests, each a different brand, just to be sure they weren’t faulty. Nope, still nothing.

And yes, I’m a POAS-addict (that’s Pee On a Stick).

So, I’m a little sad, since it doesn’t look like it took this time. And then some nice person mentioned maybe its b/c of my weight. Gee, thanks.

So, it hasn't started yet, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll keep you posted.


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