Thursday, May 26

Naming Conventions

So, as a warm up to the BD last night, the DH brought up the "what should we name the baby?" topic. Talk about foreplay....

Now, this is coming from the man who had no problem naming his child Christopher Robin. After Robin, of Batman and Robin fame. Oh, and he just likes the name Christopher. Nevermind the poor child would be taunted for life about how Pooh Corner is going....that's a great way to ensure consistent bed-wetting issues until, oh, 35.

Oh, and he thought it would be cute to shorten Christopher to Topher or Risto or Ristoph. Yeah, he's fired from naming duties....

So, of course, I have tons of girl names already picked out...gender preference? Me?? NO! They're of course all based on the traditional naming-after-dead-relatives aesthetic, long-dead people that could really care less that we're naming our beloved child after them, which is really some poor misguided attempt at holding on to the miniscule, shredded thread of history that any of us American (I mean U.S.) mongrels can even attempt to grasp on to. (Me? I'm 1/618th English, French, Azerbijjan, and Chinese). And so, we remember the dead to make ourselves feel better--by naming our children after them.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be doing the same darn thing--I mean 1/618th is better than zero! And, there's some good options, especially on the DH's side--well one anyway, Marie--it seems all good Swiss ladies are named Marie (pronounced Mah-ree). If you call someone "Tante Marie" there's a 98.987% chance you'll be right.

So, yes, I have some girl names picked out, but needless to say, the boy names are sparse. So far, we have Ferdinand and Richard. Uh, yeah.

So I suggested we name any boy "Stoopid-Head Jr."--after his father.


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