Monday, June 20

Get thee to a Nunnery

Or, practically the same thing really. So, I hied my(big, fat ass)self back to Weight Watchers. But this time, I dragged along the DH. That's right--made him go! This was for a couple reasons a) WW teaches very good nutritional information and eating habits and b) I want him to FEEL THE PAIN right along with me! And, heck, he could lose 10lbs, it wouldn't kill him.

Watching him has been hilarious! I should have known, he would glom onto the whole points thing! He loves it--this is the man that relaxes each night by balancing the checkbook. However, no, I do NOT know how many points are in one stinking gummy bear!

At the very least, I need to keep an eye on my weight--I truly want to try to not gain any--I'm 50 lbs overweight, so I don't need to gain any! Apparently, however, this is a VERY controversial topic. Everywhere I read/look its all "now's not the time to worry, take care of your baby, blah blah". In talking to one of my MDs though, he doesn't see anything wrong with actually losing weight, as long as the baby gets its nutrition/what it needs. He, actually though, wants me to postpone and lose the weight first. Yeah, right. No way Jose! I'll suffer and wait.

As much as I want to maintain or lose though, according to my MD, apparently the real problem will be keeping me from eating an entire house. So, my resolve is a little down.

I'm thinking about a nutritionist, thinking about exercise, thinking about asking the OBGyn.

But for now, I'll just keep adding up my points.


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