Thursday, June 30

Status Update

Because I've already used "status" and "update" in titles before, I'm sure. Because I'm JUST THAT LAME.

So, no, no dice yet. Granted, I don't start for another five days or so, however, looking bleak. Boobs do hurt, but that's possibly PMS.

Went to the "nunnery" today--gained a half-pound. Great. Yipee. Also another sign that I am possibly quite the opposite of pregnant.

And oh yes, no, you're not hallucinating--changed my layout. In a classically "WTF???" move, couldn't figure out the HTML problem, so just trashed it and started all over. Time for a change anyhoo. And, gee, funny, blogger help never returned my request to review my html. I'm hurt.

Trying to figure out things to jazz it up a bit--web cam shots? Current weather? Cutsy images? Suggestions?

Hey folks, that's what the comments link is for! And its anonymous!!

Eh, well, it was worth a shot.

PS--about cried when Greg read this to me last night. Absolutely hysterical.

Oh? And all my dreams have finally come true--blogger has added an "image" upload option, yay, I can stop hosting them on Flickr, though I kind of liked it. Hmm, might keep it, we'll see if they freak about sizes or something....


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