Wednesday, August 10

Yoooouuu are geeeetttting sleeeeeeppppy....

Well, I am any way. Dang it--I had wanted to do some work on the page today, fix that weather thing, make some style sheet changes. But at least wanted to answer my FABULOUS WONDERFUL COMMENTS that people are leaving! And get this short post in for ya. And I'm ticked, because i had this great cute little title, that I can't remember for the life of me. I'm so stinkin' tired--too many early am fertility test appts!!!

So, I got the HSG test done yesterday am. As the comment from yesterday said--OH MY GOD THAT HURTS LIKE A M**TH*R F****R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoely crap I wish I had read that prior!! And I feel horrible--I totally whimped out. I started whimpering, whining, breathing hard (considered some of the breathing techniques in the pregnancy books I've read). I think the doctor didn't do as full an analysis b/c of it. And what really pissed me off is I wish I would have had Greg in there with me. He was there, and when they called me he got up--but they wouldn't let him come in with me--I was okay with it at first, but after the ordeal I WAS PISSED. I would have done much better with him in there. And I just needed him for support. I'm still upset about it.

But, its done and over with. But yes, was very painful. Still some cramping, had one that radiated up to my back, behind my left shoulder blade (read somewhere that could happen, shoulder pain) and still some weird dischargy things. However, they said everything looked fine.

But I don't believe them....

See, when I had the original ultrasound done, they said everything looked fine. "Great" I thought "One down, three to go".

WELL--apparently that was NOT the case. See when I had the HSG done yesterday, I requested the Dr. go over my FSH and Estradiol results with me as well, that they had just recently tested. Well, the FSH is slightly high. I belive the highly scientific, well thought-out term they used was "Gray Zone". Whatever that's supposed to mean.

BUT she said "The FSH level is in keeping with what was found in the ultrasound." Uh.....'scuse me?!?!? I thought the U/S was fine? Apparently not. "The follicular count was a little lower than we like to see as well".

So, there's your results. "Gray Zone". Don't know how to interpret that. I may not, and just go on with trying. We'll see. Once we've done the progesterone, we'll talk with the Dr. to figure out next steps. Anyhoo, off to bed with me.


Anonymous Liza said...

I cannot F)@#*$&(ing believe they wouldn't let him be in there with you. What total BS!!!

Good luck with getting more complete explanations of all the "grey area" stuff. My fingers are crossed for you guys.

4:54 PM  

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