Monday, August 15

The Miracle of Modern Medicine

I've decided that the true miracle of modern medicine is that I can go in to my Dr., pout a little, say "I don't feel good" and 20 minutes later be leaving, clutching my own version of Hope In a Bottle in my hot little hands. Usually that phrase is reserved for the Health & Beauty industry ("Reduces Wrinkles!!" "Banishes Cellulite!!" "NOW--With Age Defying Carbon Molecules!!!!") but I've decided that actually? The Pharmaceutical companies have really got this one pegged. The Pain Will Disappear! You'll Climb Mountains, Ford Streams!! Be Free to Achieve All your Goals in Life!! Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound!! Ski Down Hills Covered in Yellow Flowers!! ANDBETHEMOSTAMAZINGPERSONEVER--all if you just take this one little pill! Drug-free America my ass.

So, yes, I'm back on the Juice. I tried, really I did. But just couldn't do it. But, at least? These posts will become a little less whiny, lose that slight tinge of hysteria.

Dammit, this sucks.


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