Thursday, March 23

I bought the damn stroller....

...even though I know it will only cause me heartache, knowing what I know, reading what I've read. It will fall apart on me at the most inopportune time--say as far away from home or car as the pouring down flip-flops. And I paid WAY too much for it, its a 2003 model for heaven's sake! And EVERYONE knows the 2003 models are the most rife with issues. But, dammit, I love the design and I love the color (pistachio only came in 2003). And I was only going to fret and whine if I didn't at least give it a shot. So, I've committed.

In other news--IKEA apparently means "pressboard" in Swedish. We spent an ongodly amount of money yesterday at IKEA on a wardrobe for Greg. UNGODLY. For pressboard y'all, PRESSBOARD!!!!! Painted white! (White is the new black, or whatever). Oh well, we were there, it was easy, and its done. However, not all the parts were available--so I can't provide a picture for you yet--you'll apparently have to wait a month or so for that. At which time, I will torture you all over again with this same rant, plus explicatives as we set up the stupid thing. And that's a promise.


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