Wednesday, March 29

Why I am a Freak: Part 1 of 5,496,823

Exhibit A: The baby stuff
I have been collecting baby crap for YEARS. Even before we were considering having a baby.

Yes, that's two bassinets, two! What, just in case the baby doesn't like blue!?!?
We're cleaning the basement up, so we can move the office downstairs, and use the room for the nursery. But, ha!, irony! We needed to move all the baby crap I've been collecting! And this isn't all of it. I've got more stashed in a hope chest. Seriously, there has to be a self-help group for this.

Diva thinks all y'all are freaks. There's entirely too much doing and not nearly enough napping going on.

Exhibit B: Announcements
Okay, I am a marketer, so I should be savvy about marketing tactics. Buy this NOW! You must have this! The only way to be cool! But I am not--infact, I'm the biggest sucker when it comes to the newest, coolest, latest thing. (See stroller purchase).
So, in reading the various pregnancy magazines I discovered that I have been lax! That any good person would have sent out "We're Expecting!" cards by now. So now I'm in a panic, because I haven't sent them, and I'm worried about sending them for two major reasons:

Reason #1: Seems like a thinly veiled, desperate cry for PRESENTS! I mean, of course, more desperate than, say, ahem, posting your registry on your blog. Not that I would EVER do that. (Cough).

Reason #2: Seriously, what if the unthinkable happened? Do you then send out "Oh, nevermind" cards? Does Hallmark make those?

So--at this time, I'd like to ask you, dear readers (yes, all three of you), your thoughts. Am I really being a freak about the cards? Or are all the good reasons (celebrate, spread the word, be excited, drive web traffic) good enough? I especially like this design:

Though, I do have the actual picture, maybe I should use that?

Exhibit C: Spanish vs. Chinese
No, this is not a debate about what to have for dinner. Oh no, it is much more ridiculous than that! At this time, at 12 weeks along, when I could be worrying about oh so many things, I am worrying about--what 2nd language our child should learn!!!

Hey! Its important! If they pick it up by 2, its practically native right? And we're operating in a global economy right?!?!? So, yes, this is what I worry about. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go twitch for a while.

Diva understands, because she too is a freak.

Thursday, March 23

I bought the damn stroller....

...even though I know it will only cause me heartache, knowing what I know, reading what I've read. It will fall apart on me at the most inopportune time--say as far away from home or car as the pouring down flip-flops. And I paid WAY too much for it, its a 2003 model for heaven's sake! And EVERYONE knows the 2003 models are the most rife with issues. But, dammit, I love the design and I love the color (pistachio only came in 2003). And I was only going to fret and whine if I didn't at least give it a shot. So, I've committed.

In other news--IKEA apparently means "pressboard" in Swedish. We spent an ongodly amount of money yesterday at IKEA on a wardrobe for Greg. UNGODLY. For pressboard y'all, PRESSBOARD!!!!! Painted white! (White is the new black, or whatever). Oh well, we were there, it was easy, and its done. However, not all the parts were available--so I can't provide a picture for you yet--you'll apparently have to wait a month or so for that. At which time, I will torture you all over again with this same rant, plus explicatives as we set up the stupid thing. And that's a promise.

Sunday, March 19

Get a Job

So, really, not much going on here at the ranch. Really--if my life were more interesting, I might actually post more. But it is not. It is very boring. Not much really to do around here but gestate anyway.

I am starting the process of looking for a job--I've been on a break from work--long story, maybe I'll outline it someday. But, its time to go back, so I've begun the search--I should be back working by beginning of April. Yay--maybe that will actually provide some excitement for this blog!

I do have a long list of things to do, that, now I'm thinking about it, need to get started before I start working again. Hmmm, definitely post fodder.

So, that's it. I continue to gestate. Oh, and got a facial the other day--was very nice, bought some fancy schmancy products that, knowing me, I will not have the consistency to use, and will revert to using Jergen's on everything. Oh well--so many fabulous body products, so little interest.

Edited to Add: thank you everyone for your comments, links, listing me, etc.! Totally appreciate it, and also, now realize others are watching, so must get this blog in shape! :)

Monday, March 13

Mea Culpa

Actually, this post should probably be titled "Mea Pukea." Sorry, sorry, sorry, it has been much too long. Here, be distracted by pretty pictures!

Oooh, ahhh! Now you have forgotten that it has been a MONTH. See, here's the deal, the morning sickness, she has hit me very very hard--think exorcist. Greg thought I was possessed. But then, an angel came to me, and said "Lo, behold the wonder that is Zofran." And it was good, oh so very good.

So, yes, much too sick to even think, let alone actually sit in front of a computer, especially, when the layout of my site alone still makes me want to hurl. So I hem, and haw, and delay. Ugh, what to do with such an ugly site! Oh well.

So, yes, as seen above, went in to the MD, was given the amazing Zofran (well, prescription, the stuff itself costs $25 per pill!), got the ultrasound. Saw tiny little beating heart--fell completely in love. Learned due date will actually be October 13th. A FRIDAY. Became completely freaked out by potential demon spawn.

So, there it is: an update. And, although I don't have energy to spiff up this lame excuse for a site, I do however have time to research the stroller I want. I leave you with a picture. Anyone who knows it will talk me out of it, but I will not be deterred....